Tuesday, August 30, 2011

These Beautiful Shades of Yellow Make Me Think Autumn May Be Calling!

'Autumn Calling' by MooreMagnets

Cool nights and warm days ... Autumn is calling

i am so in love with you . c...

Cluster Soft Sculpture in Ye...

Rainbow Sun - Fine Art Photo...

Citrine Bracelet Sterling Si...

Cross Stitch Needles, Size 2...

Picasso Jasper Bracelet - De...

Mustard Bow Pillow Cover

Pathway into the Woodlands -...

Citrine Earrings 14k Gold Fi...

Baby Shoes, Brown and Mustar...

Harvest Home Decor Wool Acor...

Floral leather headband, mus...

tree photograph - "soli...

Original Watercolor Painting...

Cute Animal Sculpture, Le Pl...

8x8 Mustard Chunky frame wit...

Undiscovered Etsy Shops. Check them out.

'Down to Earth Chic' by SpareBedroom Studio.  This Team Discovery treasury is made up of mostly undiscovered shops (less than 50 sales)! Let's show them some Etsy love :)

Painted Desert Shawl

What - 5x7 Fine Art Print

Leather Journal - Plaid Lini...

Woven Vase - Vintage Early 1...

Recycled Burlap Medium Cosme...

Large Vintage Apothecary Bot...

Upcycled Spring Fabric Mobil...

vintage slingback heels / 19...

hand formed stoneware clay w...

Olive wood Pitcher figurine,...

Frosted Leaf Clay Ring

Glass Decanter With Original...

vintage natural stone booken...

Sew Crafty - Mounted Fine Ar...

Vintage Minimalist Wings Ear...

ACEO Print - Cinammon Dream ...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Shades of Autumn

September is a few weeks away and I am really looking forward to the fall months.  I am getting excited about the cooler temperatures and all the colors that autumn brings. I am now seeing beautiful handmade creations in shades of yellow, oranges, red and brown everywhere lately. They are so inspiring and the color palette is so rich and bold.  Here are a few of my favorite finds on Etsy in the autumn color palette. 

The Peony By Dragonfly Expressions

Assymetrical Necklace by DistintivelyIvy

Wool Clutch by Eclu

Purse from Fa2u

 Orange and Black Halloween Bow from Darlindivas

  Crochet Gloves from Mytatteredwhimsies

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bohemian Fashion

Don't you just love the free-flowing fashion and design that shows self-expression?  It's called Bohemian Style! It's a casual mix of hippie, ethnic, gypsy, vintage and eclectic elements. Many stars like Sienna Miller, Mischa Barton, Kate Moss and Nicole Richie have a new and fresh twist on the bohemian style with glam and glitter.  If you enjoy the bohemian style, that is GREAT!  The boho style is considered a "state of mind"  rather than a fashion trend so it will never go out of style.

Your Wardrobe Essentials for the Bohemain Style are:

1. Bohemian style is about layering, layering, layering
2. Smock dresses
3. Leggings
4. Long flowy skirts
5. Long vests, waistcoats, cardigans
6. Eclectic accessories
7. Vintage

Here are some amazing items I came across on Etsy, the site for all things handmade & vintage.  Why these?  Well, hippie, bohemian, free-spirit fashion can be different, creative, colorful, inventive, unique, sophisticated, or anything in between so I wanted to choose items that showcased diversity in the hippie, bohemian, and free-spirit wardrobe.


I love this skirt from Bohemienne Ivy .  The fun flirty spirit makes this bohemian for sure!!

Beautiful Scarf from madeformebyoaklie

Suede boots from 20TwentyVintage 

CoCo French Vintage Chocolate leather purse from Dandeliondaydreamer 

And finally, you have got to have a little PEACE in your bohemian wardrobe!

Have A Great Weekend Everyone!


Monday, August 15, 2011

Beaded Wrap Bracelets

Beaded Leather Wrap Bracelets have been popular for several years and they have still not gone out of style!  I love them because they are so versatile.  You can dress them up or dress them down.  They can also be worn as a belt or as a necklace.

There are so many to choose from out there in the market.  I my opinion what makes them so cool are not only the beads, but the different button closures.

Some bracelets wrap around your wrist 2 times while others wrap more, even up to 8 times!  My personal favorite are those that wrap 5 times around. These still make a statement when you are wearing them and they are oh so comfortable.

You can even stack your beaded wrap bracelets and wear several at a time.

Bellissimo Jewelry Giveaway!

Everyone loves a "giveaway"

"Like" Bellissimo Jewelry and follow it on Facebook or follow @BellissimoJewel on twitter and receive a chance to win this Black Labradorite wrap bracelet. If you do both twitter and facebook, you will receive 2 chances to win.  I will have a random drawing on September 15th.

This bracelet is made with 5mm black Labradorite beads.
It measures 33 1/2" long and is adjustable up to 35 1/2" long. It will wrap around most wrists 5 times.